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Leaning Towards LEAN

India is considered one of the fastest-growing destinations for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers and presently the electronics industry is attracting huge investments to upgrade its quality tools as well as production capacity. On the other hand, this sector is also facing a lot of challenges such as a rise in customer expectation, fluctuating demand, taxation, lack of infrastructure, supply chain issues and so on which are contributing to holding the sector back. Considering the radical changes within the industry, a great deal of thought must be given on how to tackle these challenges. Lean manufacturing could be an answer to a few of these challenges.


Lean manufacturing is relatively a recent advance in the electronics manufacturing service sector, which relentlessly identifies and eliminates waste and maximizes resource utilization in response to the fluctuating and competitive business environment. Lean is founded on the concept of continuous and incremental improvements on product and process while eliminating redundant activities.


In simple words, Lean manufacturing is a wide set of production practices implemented to eliminate or reduce waste or any activity that consumes resources without adding value to design, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service processes. It was developed by the Toyota executive Taiichi Ohno (1912-90) for large repetitive manufacturing in the automotive sector during the post-Second World War reconstruction period in Japan, and was popularized by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones in their 1996 book ‘Lean Thinking’.


Lean as a stimulus to growth

There isn’t an organization that does not face problems. Shigeo Shingo famously said, “Having no problems is the biggest problem of all.”


Following the lean growth model in the manufacturing industry helps to increase productivity by ‘doing more with fewer resources’, that is, the percentage of growth will be more as wastage is eliminated thereby improving quality while minimizing production time and cost. Implementing a lean manufacturing system is becoming a core competency for an electronics manufacturer to excel in the electronics industry. Thus, a successful lean implementation in an organization has a significant impact on the performance of the entire organization.


“We are faced with the typical problem that most organizations have – a lot of functional silos that are disrupting each other. It could be really beneficial to facilitate our cross-functional teams through a really deep exercise to understand how their system works and why it performs as it does and how the performance can be bettered through best practices”, opines T R Srinivasan, Operations Director at Vinyas Innovative Technologies.


The most powerful aspect of lean is being able to solve problems in a scientific method. There are a number of positive outcomes of following lean and to list a few are:


  • Reduces lead times by eliminating waste within processes by incorporating better, more streamlined performances within an organization from the top down.
  • Improves speed and acceleration within business, quality and price without incorporating costs in doing so.
  • Capability to specify value from our customer’s viewpoint by identifying the value stream, for example; physical flow, information flow and new product introduction.
  • Improves the value-adding activities and reduces or eliminates the non-value-adding activities.
  • Creates a cycle to drive continuous improvement to improve manufacturing efficiency.
  • Improves overall business performance, optimizes inventory control, encourages flexibility, allows rapid responses, and prevents the under-utilization of equipment.


Final Thoughts

Passion for excellence and the hours of study and thought eventually ensures that odd pieces fall into place. It was apparent then, and still is today, that change happens through people. Even though the effective implementation of lean is truly dependent on people, the quality and manufacturing tools assist people in solving problems as well as achieving desired results. It is about the constant, persistent, even relentless pursuit of improving the current situation and making efficient use of resources in the creation of value for the end customer through lean practices. While organizations are on the way to embracing the full power of Lean, focused implementation can be rewarding especially when the ‘’before’’ vs ‘’after ‘’ presentations elicit thunderous applause.


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Deepashree Narendra

Vice President - Corporate Affairs

Deepashree joined Vinyas in 2015, and since then she has been instrumental in driving brand management, human resource management, accelerating business growth and crafting valuable stakeholder experiences. She comes with around 8 years of experience of working with leading PR firms in Mumbai.


Deepashree holds a Bachelors in Biotechnology Engineering from Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysuru. She has also pursued her studies in Law from National Law School, Bangaluru where she completed her PGDM in Intellectual Property Rights. Besides, she has also completed her Master’s in Business Management under the specialization of Communications from Symbiosis School of Media and Communication, Bangaluru.  


Deepashree is currently the co-convener of CII Women Network Forum Mysuru and the Chair for YUVA, Young Indians; the youth vertical of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). 

Vinyas IT


Director - Operations

Heading the Operations at Vinyas, Vasan has more than two decades of experience in Electronics Manufacturing as well as Electronics Hardware industry. Being a Mechanical Engineer by qualification, he has helped the company to form a world-class manufacturing solutions team and has nurtured business partnerships since his association with Vinyas in 2001.


Vasan oversees the entire manufacturing facility and has played a pioneering role as mentor in building operational efficiency. He has been contributory in establishing a strong team to deliver technology-driven and innovation-led solutions to the valued customers.


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Vinyas IT

Sumukh Narendra


Sumukh has been associated with Vinyas Innovative Technologies since 2018 and is currently serving as Executive Director. He holds a Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysuru and Master of Science in Engineering in Embedded Systems from University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA.


With over 8 years of experience in Design Engineering, Sumukh brings in a strong focus on developing cutting-edge and innovative technologies in diagnostic and digital healthcare domain. He has also gained work experience as Lead Design Engineer in multi-national Fortune 100 Companies in USA.


Under his competent headship, Vinyas has achieved many milestones. Sumukh has not only achieved sustainable growth plan and supported Vinyas to expand its footprint in European markets especially in the Medical, Power electronics & Industrial Engineering sectors but has also established many ground-breaking technologies in firmware, medical and Industrial engineering segments.


Sumukh also serves as a Member of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Mysore Chapter.

Vinyas IT

Narendra Narayanan

Founder and Managing Director

Narendra founded Vinyas Innovative Technologies in the year 2000 with a vision to create global presence for India in the Electronics Manufacturing industry. Under his out-standing leadership and guidance, Vinyas has grown to become one of India’s largest Integrated Electronics System Design and Manufacturing company catering its best-in-class engineering & manufacturing solutions to global markets.


Born in the year 1959 at Bengaluru, Narendra has completed his Engineering in Electrical & Electronics from the University of Southern California. He has to his credit of serving as Chairman and advisor for many indigenous companies across the globe.


No doubt, Narendra is a man of vision and a heart of gold. “The Best Employer” award bestowed by the National Trust, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India in the year 2011-2012 stands as a proof. Besides being honoured as the member of Advisory Board of India, USC Viterbi School of Engineering; Narendra was also conferred the Widney House Volunteer Award for the year 2014 from the University of Southern California. Born with strong ethical values, Narendra consistently strive to create an open and transparent work environment at Vinyas. Extending impartial and equal employment opportunities to differently abled, hearing impaired and tribal youth deserves an applause.